XVII & XVIII century

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  • Santa Cruz 1797
    Santa Cruz 1797A small card driven block game about the night battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1797
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  • New York 1776 Remastered 2nd Printing
    New York 1776 Remastered 2nd Printingone of the key campaigns of the American Revolutionary War
    55.00 €
  • Trenton 1776 Remastered 2nd Printing
    Trenton 1776 Remastered 2nd PrintingWashington Crosses the Delaware – Campaign game of the winter of 1776/1777 American Revolution in New Jersey.
    52.00 €
  • Saratoga 1777
    Saratoga 1777Burgoyne’s campaign to split the colonies using Worthington Publishings revolutionary war campaign system from NY 1776 and Trenton 1776
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  • Avec Honneur et Panache
    Avec Honneur et Panache two battles lead by Turenne: Rethel 1650 and Les Dunes 1658. Original system by Ben Hull, also used by avec Infini regret series
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  • 1754 - La Conquête
    1754 - La ConquêteThe French and Indian war
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  • Blood on the Ohio
    Blood on the Ohioa two player, point-to-point game loosely based on King Philip's War (MMP - 2010). It covers the Northwest Indian War which followed the American Revolution.
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  • Blenheim 1704
    Blenheim 1704a tactical level two player game covering one of the pivotal battles during the War of Spanish Succession
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  • Mollwitz & Chotusitz
    Mollwitz & Chotusitzthe first two battles of Frederick the Great
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  • Strategy & Tactics 256:  Marlborough's Battles
    Strategy & Tactics 256: Marlborough's BattlesRamillies and Malplaquet
    25.00 €
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  • Montecuccoli on the Raab
    Montecuccoli on the RaabThe Battle of Saint Gotthard
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  • The War of Gradisca 1615-1617
    The War of Gradisca 1615-1617a simulation of the conflict between Venetia and Austria and its allies
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  • La bataille de Fleurus
    La bataille de FleurusFleurus 1794 is a wargame from the series "les batailles de la Revolution" (Battles of the French Revolutionary wars). It covers the battle of Fleurus, between the French army of General Jourdan and a Coalition force lead by Saxe-Cobourg
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  • American Revolution Tri Pack
    American Revolution Tri PackThis all-in-one boxed package is composed of new editions of the flagship game in the series -Saratoga, the long-out-of-print Brandywine, and Guilford/Eutaw Springs
    62.00 €
  • Commands & Colors Tricorne: The American Revolution
    Commands & Colors Tricorne: The American Revolution12 battles of The American Revolution
    96.00 €
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  • Revolution Road
    Revolution Roadtwo separate games encompassing the two Massachusetts flashpoints that ignited the American Revolutionary War in 1775; the running battle between the Colonists and British regulars in the trek to and from Concord and the epic Battle of Bunker Hill that followed.
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  • Vae Victis 134 avec jeu
    Vae Victis 134 avec jeuIncludes Neerwinden 1793
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  • Mollwitz 1741
    Mollwitz 1741Frederick the Great's First Battle
    34.00 €
  • Don’t Tread On Me (folio)
    Don’t Tread On Me (folio)The American Revolution Solitaire Board
    37.00 €
  • Don’t Tread On Me (boxed)
    Don’t Tread On Me (boxed)The American Revolution Solitaire Board
    45.00 €