The Fate of Reiters

XVII & XVIII century

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  • Leuthen
    LeuthenFrederick's Greatest Victory December 5, 1757
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  • Tourcoing 1794
    Tourcoing 1794the battle fought on 17th and 18th may 1794 between a French army and an army of the Coalition
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  • 1759: Siege of Quebec
    1759: Siege of QuebecThis game highlights command decisions for players against a solitaire game engine opponent.
    55.00 €
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  • Freeman's Farm 1777
    Freeman's Farm 1777Freeman's Farm 1777 is the first in our Battle Formations game series, designed for solitaire and two players.
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  • Blenheim 1704AD
    Blenheim 1704ADThe victory of Marlborough against the Franco-Bavarian army
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  • A Pragmatic War
    A Pragmatic Wara two-player game simulating the War of the Austrian Succession.
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  • Baroque
    Baroquetake control of a German Princedom that is struggling for military and political supremacy
    65.00 €
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  • No Peace Without Spain - 2nd Edition
    No Peace Without Spain - 2nd Editiona strategic simulation of the bloody battles, epic sieges and political turmoil that embroiled Western Europe for more than a decade to decide the fate of the Spanish throne.
    68.00 €
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  • Vae Victis 146 avec jeu
    Vae Victis 146 avec jeuWith the game La bataille d'Hondschoote fought on 8th september 1793
    15.95 €
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  • Les guerres du Roi Soleil
    Les guerres du Roi SoleilThe Wars of the Sun King is the first opportunity to play, with a single set of rules, the five conflicts led by France under the reign of Louis the Great.
    26.95 €
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