The Fate of Reiters


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  • Issos and Gaugamela
    Issos and Gaugamelaa 48 pages book to read while playing Alexander Against Persia
    14.50 €
  • Alexandre contre la Perse
    Alexandre contre la PerseA tactical game which presents the first 3 battles in the By the Edge of the Sword Antiquity series.
    43.00 €
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  • Cataphract, 2nd Printing
    Cataphract, 2nd PrintingCataphract covers all the major battles that defined this era
    65.00 €
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  • Mare Nostrum - Extension Atlas
    Mare Nostrum - Extension AtlasDémultipliez les possibilités du jeu avec l’ajout de la civilisation atlante
    35.00 €
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  • Mare Nostrum
    Mare NostrumJeu de stratégie de 3 à 5 joueurs
    55.00 €
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  • Châlons 451 A.D.
    Châlons 451 A.D.
    36.00 €
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  • Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea
    Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Seaan exciting, easy-to-learn, easy-to-play but challenging to master abstract game in which players guide the renowned and legendary civilizations around Mediterranean
    72.00 €
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  • The Battle of Marathon
    The Battle of MarathonA battle remembered by a race? Or was it the single most important battle in Western Civilization?
    36.00 €
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  • Peloponnesian War
    Peloponnesian WarThe Peloponessian War allows YOU to compete against the man in the mirror, as you live through the suicide of Greece.
    62.00 €
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  • Time of Crisis 2nd Printing
    Time of Crisis 2nd Printingeasy to learn and playable in about 2-3 hours
    59.90 €
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