The Fate of Reiters

Guiscard (version française)

Guiscard (version française)

Price: 64.00 €

Publisher: Historic One

Reference: HO-GUI

Format: box

Period: Middle-Ages



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The Game

GUISCARD simulates the epic conquest of Southern Italy and Sicily be the Normans, led by Robert Guiscard ("the cunning" or "the weasel"), in the eleventh century. The game will boast the various factions of the time as the Byzantines, the Arabs of Sicily, the Lombards and the Normans of course, who came as mere mercenaries in the middle of this mess of conflicting interests and who decided to seize power by arms.

GUISCARD is intended for those who want to play Cry Havoc but can no longer get an original box. Unlike other proposed extensions of Cry Havoc Fan, GUISCARD is a complete boxed game with counters, maps, rules, scenarios and playsheets.

Box Contents:

> 6 full-color maps, giving a possibility of many different terrains;

> 3 sheets of overlays to provide more terrain variety and add buildings;

> 2 sheets of playing pieces printed in full color;

> 1 48-page rule booklet;

> 1 36-page booklet including the historical background, a guide to the playing pieces and 14 scenarios;

> 3 play sheets for handy reference;

> 1 10-sided die.