Assault on Gallipoli

Waterloo 1815, Fallen Eagles II

Scale: 1 counter = 1 regiment, 200 meters per hexagon, 1 turn = 1 hour

Designer: Walter Vejdovsky

Map and box art: Sébastien Brunel

Complexity : moderate

Price: 60.00 €


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Also available in French Version
Eagles of France series English rules (2022 version)

Fallen Eagles - Waterloo 1815, long out of print, comes back in a new edition. While continuing to offer a playable one-day simulation of the famous battle, Fallen Eagles II benefits from the improvements made in the development of the French Eagles series. The game incorporates the latest version of the rules, available online.

The map has been completely revised. The representation of the terrain is more accurate thanks to the topographical study of the battlefield carried out by Rick Barber. Sébastien Brunel then redrew it to be consistent with the graphic charter of Ligny and Quatre Bras. And the hex numbers have disappeared...

The modifications also concern the counters. As in the most recent games in the series, elite units have been split into 2 counters to increase their resilience, while low quality units have been grouped together, simulating their poorer performance on the battlefield.

Fallen Eagles II counters

Each scenario (Hougoumont, d'Erlon attack, Plancenoit) has its own map to improve playability, without the need to delimit the game area on the large map


  • Two maps (760x550mm each)
  • 4 counter sheets
  • One system rules book « Eagles of France » (v2.3 updated on October 2022).
  • One playbook
  • Scenarios 2 and 3 maps (folded A3 sheet)
  • Campaign set-up / Scenarios 2 and 3 setup (folded A3 sheet)
  • 9 player aids (Two terrain effects charts, two Fire/Melee tables, two orders charts, scenario 1 map, scenario aids, game turn track)
  • 12 tactical and 6 variants cards
  • 2 dice