Great War Commander

Great War Commander British Expeditionary Force

Designers: Pascal Toupy

Artists: Marc von Martial and Ken Smith

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Also available in English Version
English rules 1.1

Great War Commander: British Expeditionary Force is the sequel to Great War Commander. Great War Commander: BEF's main theme is the addition of a new faction: Great Britain and their Dominions. This second game in the Great War Commander game series includes units, cards and scenarios depicting the fighting forces of this great nation.

Great War Commander: BEF includes more than 200 counters depicting the British forces, weapons and tanks!

Great Britain's has its own 72-card Fate Deck and 9-cards Strategy Deck highlighting its historical strengths and weaknesses.

GB Fate Card 33 GB Fate Card 69 GB Strategy Card

16 new scenarios and one campaign will take place on the most inconic battlefields where the British Expeditionary Force fought: Mons, Neuve-Chappelle, Somme, Passchendaele, Villers-Bretonneux... They will take place on 10 new stunning maps drawn by the talented Marc von Martial.

BEF Map 14 Map

Random Scenario Generator has been updated incorporating the new nationality and new battles. This Random Scenario Generator system provides an almost unending variety of map configurations, force structures and combat situations. Replayability for Great War Commander gets even better with this new addition to the family.

Like its mother game Combat Commander, Great War Commander is one of those rare, exceptional values in board wargaming – a game that can be revisited time and time again, each time with a new story to tell. Great War Commander: British Expeditionary Force also includes an updated Rulebook (version 1.1) incorporating all known errata and clarifications.

Please note: Great War Commander: British Expeditionary Force is not a stand-alone game. You will need to own Great War Commander in order to play it.


  • 5 back-printed 17˝ x 24˝ game maps (ten maps total)
  • 128 large (⅝˝) die-cut counters
  • 18 double large (1.25”x5/8”) die-cut counters
  • 80 small (½˝) die-cut counters
  • 90 playing cards
  • 4 double sided player aid sheets
  • 8 back printed scenario sheets
  • one 32-page Rulebook
  • one 8-page Playbook