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Crimean Shield

Crimean Shield
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Price: 39.00 €

Publisher: 3W

Reference: 3W-CrimeanShield

Format: box

Period: World War II


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The central concept of this design is that of command and supply points. They represent the operational capability of a unit based on its command and supply status. When a unit suffers losses, it take them from its current CS point total or retreats. If it currently has no CS points, and either can't retreat or doesn't wish to do so, it suffers step losses instead.

Eight scenarios are included: Into the Crimea; The Stalin Offensive; Struggle for the Crimea; Operation Bustard Hunt; Operation Sturgeon Catch; Fall of Sevastopol; Crimean Shield; and The Sacred Stone.

There are two map scales: two kilometers per hex and six kilometers per hex. The two kilometer scale is used only on the "siege hexes" of the Sevastopol inset map. Units are mostly regiments and divisions. There are from one to three game turns per month.


One rule book

One 34x22" map

800 die-cut unit counters

Charts and Tables

Players: two

Playing Time: 2 to 12 Hrs

Complexity: high

Solitaire: very high

Designer: Masahiro Yamazaki