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Thirty Years War Quad (second edition)

Thirty Years War Quad (second edition)

Price: 29.00 €


Publisher: Decision Games

Reference: DG-TYWQ

Format: box

Period: Renaissance & Sengoku-Jidai



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The Thirty Years War Quad consists of four battles, each with its own map, counters and Exclusive Rules. The Standard Rules are common to all four battles. This is an update of the SPI 1st edition back in 1976, with White Mountain as a substitute of Freiburg. The Quad contains 4 games: Lutzen; Nordlingen; Rocroi; White Mountain.

Lutzen: Intent on wintering in Saxony, Count Von Wallenstien failed to reckon on Gustavus' resolve and was caught with a quarter of his Imperialist Army dispersed. It was a smashing victory for the Swedes--but Gustavus did not survive the battle.

Nordingen: The armies of Spain and the Holy Roman Empire combined to lay siege to Nordlingen, an important city near the Danube.

Rocroi: Determined to knock France out of the war, Spain undertook an invasion of French soil, laying siege to Rocroi, a fortress not far inside French territory.

White Mountain: The decisive battle of the Bohemian Phase of the Thirty Years War in which the Catholic League Army, under the command of Maximilian of Bavarian and Count Tilly, defeated the Bohemians outside the city of Prague on November 9, 1620.