The Fate of Reiters

St. Nazaire: Operation Chariot ASL

St. Nazaire: Operation Chariot ASL

Price: 90.00 €


Publisher: Le Franc-Tireur

Reference: FT-STN

Format: box

Period: World War II


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St Nazaire contains everything you need to play, except the half-ton of ASL material that you always need :

- one countersheet

- one historical map

- a rules booklet

- various play aids

- 15 scenarios

Through 8 scenarios, this pack depicts on a historical map of the St Nazaire harbor the Commando Raid of 1942. Rules cover searchlights, extra powerful DC charges as well as complete rules for Motor Gun Boats (MGB).

Also included are 7 scenarios that allow you to use these MGB rules on various theatres of operations (including the shores of Finland, Yugoslavia and the Pacific Ocean), opening a whole world of new ASL gaming opportunities.