The Fate of Reiters

Le Franc Tireur 12

Le Franc Tireur 12
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Price: 33.00 €

Publisher: Le Franc-Tireur

Reference: FT12

Format: ziplock

Period: World War II


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This issue focuses on the PTO, mostly on the war between China and Japan as well as on seaborne assaults. As usual 10 scenarios printed on hard paper and featuring actions with Japanese, Chinese but also US units are included. Moreover, this issue includes 2 SASL missions (on hard paper as well) plus a new map (SK style).

The main topics deal with Seaborne assaults, PTO specificities and some other articles in order to allow any ASL player to enjoy the Pacific Theatre of Operations.


- Editor’s Foreword

- Hexdraw, a voyage into "Kibbling"

- Kill the Monsters !

- Very very few products reviews

- 10 questions to .. Klas Malström

- Tournaments and Meetings

- Japanese Island Defenses

- The Chinese Infantry Battalion

- Iloilo Museum

- Chronology : the Japanese/Chinese war

- Chronology : the Chinese Civil war

- Play fast ?

- Sims Ridge AAR

- PTO Basics

- Son of Beaches

- Seaborne Assaults

- Gavutu-Tanambogo

- Bibliography

- Sims Ridge scenario custom map

80 pages - 99% is in English :-)


LFT 12 includes thirteen brand new scenarios, including two SASL missions :

LFT136 Shangai By Sea GMD - Japanese 1936-08-23

LFT137 300 GMD - Japanese 1937-10-30

LFT138 Meeting Up at Matan GMD - Japanese 1938-06-24

LFT139 Ride of the 200th Japanese - Chinese 1939-12-19

LFT140 Chinese Raiders French - Chinese 1942-06-1/2

LFT141 Easy Day at Volupai Japanese - USMC 1944-03-06

LFT142 Cut, Slash and Mow Down American -Japanese 1944-03-24

LFT143 Red Scare GMD - Red Chinese 1948-11-12

LFT144 Tigers of Pantang GMD - Red Chinese 1948-11-16

LFT145 Bears of Kinmen GMD - Red Chinese 1949-10-25

SASL FT1 Hit Them Hard Chinese - Japanese 1937-08-15

SASL FT2 Against Ill Advice Japanese - British 1942-01-01