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Decision at Elst ASL SK

Decision at Elst  ASL SK

Price: 49.90 €


Publisher: MMP

Reference: MMP-DAE

Format: box

Period: World War II



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Decision at Elst is the first Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit Historical Module and covers the battle at Elst, Holland, in September 1944 between British and German units during Operation MARKET-GARDEN.

It depicts the British 214th Brigade’s advance toward Arnhem through the Dutch town of Elst defended by the German Kampfgruppe Knaust. This area of Betuwe, also known as the Island, was the furthest advance of XXX Corps before the official end of the MARKET-GARDEN offensive on 25 September 1944.

Decision at Elst comes with:

• a 22" x 34" historically-accurate map of the battlefield;

• three countersheets with British and German infantry, tanks, and guns, and game markers;

• two player aid cards;

• four historical scenarios and one Campaign Game;

• one 28-page ASL Starter Kit basic rules booklet (with all the latest finetuning);

• one 20-page DaE Campaign Game rules booklet, with all of the rules needed to play the scenarios and the Campaign Game, including new rules for the steeple, offboard artillery, polder terrain, and German SS units.

Decision at Elst is a fully self-contained product and requires nothing else to play it.