The Fate of Reiters

South Mountain

South Mountain

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Publisher: MMP

Reference: MMP-SM

Format: box

Period: 19th Century



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On September 14th, 1862, the rebel division of D.H. Hill was surprised and attacked by Ambrose Burnside's Wing of the Army of the Potomac. Hill's men held out all day against a rising tide of Federal troops from both the 1st and 9th Corps and were saved only by the late arrival of D.R. Jones and Hood's divisions. Can you take South Mountain where Burnside failed?

Despite the fact that it was a rather sharp defeat for the rebels, Hill remained justifiably proud of the fight his men managed for 12 long hours atop South Mountain. They had given Lee the time he needed to concentrate his army in the face of a suddenly aggressive Federal force.

South Mountain is the fourth game in the Civil War Regimental Sub-Series. With one map and a managable number of counters, it is the first game in the series to offer a full, intense, battle that is playable in an evening. Despite having only the "campagin game" scenario, re-playability is very high due to the variable arrival of some key Rebel forces and the application of Confederate and Union Random Events.


1 22"x34" mapsheet

2 countersheets

South Mountain specific rules

Regimental Sub-Series rules

Civil War Brigade Series rules

2 Charts & Tables booklets

Two Dice

Unit Scale: Regiments & Batteries

Hex Scale: 100 Yards

Players: 2 (also suitable for solitaire play)

Complexity: Medium