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ASL BFP4 Crucible of Steel

ASL BFP4 Crucible of Steel

Price: 129.00 €


Publisher: Bounding Fire

Reference: BF-BFP4

Format: ziplock

Period: World War II


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BFP 4: Crucible of Steel is a another huge package that will thrust players into the battles of Kursk. This is meat and potatoes ASL, so there is plenty of action in Crucible of Steel for everybody!

The size of this product is on the same scale as Blood and Jungle. This has been under development for years, and all 32 of the scenarios have been thoroughly playtested.

The Battlepack includes the following:

32 Action-Packed Scenarios

2 NEW full sheets of counters, depicting more units, weapons, vehicles, and planes that are depicted in the scenarios

3 NEW double-wide 16"x22" geomorphic mapboards. These maps represent the "tank-country" and villages of Kursk, and are printed in two 8"x22" sections on heavy card stock (BFP DW-2, DW-3, DW-4)

3 NEW 8"x22" geomorphic mapboards, also printed on heavy card stock (BFP L, M, N)

Huge magazine with articles on the project, slopes, fortifications, and dug-in tanks

Rules pages describing new terrain counters, vehicle listings/notes, and special units