The Fate of Reiters

ASL BFP2 Operation Cobra

ASL BFP2 Operation Cobra

Price: 65.00 €


Publisher: Bounding Fire

Reference: BF-BFP2

Format: ziplock

Period: World War II


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BFP 2: Operation Cobra (BFP2) offers players the opportunity to do cardboard battle in bocage country, following some of the action from Operation Cobra.

The scenario pack includes the following:

12 Action-Packed Scenarios

88 New Counters with Vehicle and Ordnance Notes

Huge magazine with the history of Operation Cobra and an article about fighting in bocage in ASL terms

1 Bocage Overlay

Rules pages describing new terrain

Ownership of BFP's Beyond the Beachhead 2 and the following MMP ASL products are required to play all 12 of the included scenarios: Beyond Valor©, Yanks©, West of Alamein© or For King and Country©, Pegasus Bridge©, Kampfgruppe Peiper II©, The LAst Hurrah©, Doomed Batallions©, A Bridge Too Far©, and boards 6, 24, 42, and 46.