Great War Commander

ASL Into the Rubble

ASL Into the Rubble

Price: 39.00 €

Publisher: Bounding Fire

Reference: BF-ITR

Format: ziplock

Period: World War II



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Into The Rubble (ITR) offers players the opportunity to do cardboard battle in cities and railroad yards. The scenarios range from 1938 to 1945 with a variety of forces including American, Chinese, German/SS, Hungarian, Japanese, Nationalist Spanish, Republican Spanish, Romanian and Russian.

The Battlepack includes the following:

8 Action-Packed Scenarios.

Two 8"x22" Geomorphic mapboards, printed on heavy card stock, depicting city and railroad yard terrain (BFP A, BFP B).

One 8"x12" geomorphic Rubbled City overlay (RC-1), 1 large Factory overlay and 1 sheet of Debris overlays.

Rules pages describing new terrain, including Railroad Factories.

The Rubbled City overlay (RC-1) fits on other official ASL (MMP) city boards: 1, 20, 21, 22, 45, 49, and 51.

Ownership of the following Multiman Publishing products are required to play all 8 of the included scenarios: Beyond Valor©, Yanks©, Doomed Battalions©, Armies of Oblivion©, Red Barricades©. Ownership of the following Heat of Battle products are required to play 1 of the included scenarios: Recon By Fire 4.