The Fate of Reiters

Special Ops Issue 3 - Summer 2012

Special Ops Issue 3 - Summer 2012

Price: 22.00 €


Publisher: MMP

Reference: MMPOPS3

Format: ziplock

Period: Magazines



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Special Ops #3 features:

36 pages

1 countersheet with 270 counters


A Victory Complete: The Battle of Tannenberg, 1914 with a 22" x 34" map

2 ASL scenarios: O5 The Tsar's Infernal Machines O6 Third Time's The Charm

2 ASLSK scenarios: S52 Extraordinary Bravery S53 Workers Unite!


Strategies in A Victory Complete by Magnus Nordlof

Coming Down the Pike: A Look at New Products Coming from MMP by Brian Youse

Fire In The Sky After-Action Report by Jim Eliason

Forward to Elst! by Ken Dunn

Teaching ASL by Robert Wolkey

Don’t Go Off Half-Tracked: Getting the Most Out of Your Halftracks in ASL by John Slotwinski and Phil Palmer

ASL Etiquette by Dave Ramsey

MMP Ironman Tournament: One Man’s Journey by Dan Cunningham

A More Better Bull Run by Matthew Kirschenbaum

OCS Fixing Holes by John Kisner