The Fate of Reiters

The Battle of Monmouth

The Battle of Monmouth

Price: 57.00 €

Publisher: Clash of Arms

Reference: COA-MON

Format: box

Period: XVII & XVIII century



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The Battle of Monmouth, volume VI in the acclaimed Battles from the Age of Reason series, the game is explore the battlefields of the American Revolution.

The Battle of Monmouth explores the fateful events of June 28, 1778 when the Continental Army led by George Washington attacked Sir Henry Clinton's British and Hessian column as it withdrew from Philadelphia and retreated across New Jersey to New event that signaled the tide had turned in the war.

Four scenarios explore this dramatic situation:

* Lee's Repulse;

* Washington's Stand;

* The Battle of Monmouth Courthouse (the entire engagement);

* and The General Engagement - a "what if" exploration of a possible second day of battle.


* 2nd Edition Standard Series Rules booklet;

* Exclusive Rules booklet containing Special Rules, Scenarios and Historical Commentary;

* Two 22" x 34" full color, period-style maps;

* Over 400 counters, both full color and black & white;

* American and British Unit Rosters;

* Card stock charts & tables;

* Two 10-sided dice.