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XXI: The Naval Wonder Weapon 1943-1945

XXI: The Naval Wonder Weapon 1943-1945
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Publisher: Against the Odds

Reference: ATO-XXI

Format: ziplock

Period: World War II


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XXI, a solitaire game set in 1943 that challenges the player (acting as both Speer and Dönitz) to organize and complete construction of a fleet (or at least “enough”) of the new German Type XXI submarine. However this new sub is far larger, more complex and more expensive, and requires much more manpower and scarce resources than previous submarines. Just a few of these new Type XXIs will do nothing. Only a radical transformation in shipbuilding techniques to mass produce the design - and not giving in to setbacks - will enable this “wonder weapon” to arrive in time....

The advanced Type XXI U-boat has the technology needed to survive and thrive in the Allied-controlled seas, and is a potential game-changer to the war's outcome . . . if it can be supplied in sufficient numbers in time. (In reality, only two went to war.) This is your challenge as a player, operating functionally as both the Naval Commander-in-Chief and Armaments Minister, working to foster production and work around wartime setbacks.