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Seven Days Battles 1862 (damaged corner)

Seven Days Battles 1862 (damaged corner)
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Publisher: Worthington Publishing

Reference: wTH-7Days

Format: box

Period: American Civil War



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SEVEN DAY'S BATTLES 1862 is Volume III in our Civil War Brigade Battle Series.  It is an old school style hex and counter wargame that allows gamers to refight battles from the 1862 Seven Days Battles that occurred outside of Richmond, VA.  One player will play the Confederate side, and one player will play the Union side.  The victory conditions are the destruction of the enemy army and capturing key terrain objectives. The game include 8 scenarios over 4 separate battles.  2 of the scenarios allow the linking of 2 of the battles.

The battles included are Beaver Dam Creek, Gaine's Mill, Glendale, and Malvern Hill.  Beaver Dam Creek and Gaine's Mill may be joined in one of the scenarios to cover two days of the batttles, while Glendale and Malvern Hill may be joined in another scenario to cover two other days of the battle.  

The 6 single day scenarios can be played in 2 to 4 hours, while the 2 two day scenarios can be player in 6 - 8 hours.  

The scenarios included are as follows:


  • Scenario 2: HERE COMES JACKSON (This scenario assumes Jackson is behind schedule but rouses himself to attack). (one map)

  • Scenario 3: JACKSON ARRIVES ON TIME (This scenario assumes Jackson arrives on time and is ready to fight). (one map)

  • Scenario 4: HISTORICAL BATTLE OF GAINES MILL (one map)

  • Scenario 5: BEAVER DAM CREEK TO GAINES MILL (two map)

  • Scenario 6: HISTORICAL BATTLE OF GLENDALE. (two map)

  • Scenario 7: HISTORICAL BATTLE OF MALVERN HILL. (one map)

  • Scenario 8: GLENDALE TO MALVERN HILL (two map)

There are special rules to portray Stonewall Jackson's lethargy during this campaign.  


  • Two double sided hard mounted game boards (each map is 25" x 22---joins together to make a "44 x 25")

  • Four counter sheets of thick 7/8" counters with rounded corners

  • Two 8 page full color rulebooks

  • Two 12 page full color playbooks

  • Two player full color player aids

  • Two 10 sided dice