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2GM Tactics - 3e Edition

2GM Tactics - 3e Edition
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Publisher: Draco Ideas

Reference: DRA-2GM-3ed

Format: box

Period: World War II


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2GM Tactics is a card game for 1 to 4 players that pits the U.S. and German armies against each other in intense combat in the European Theater during World War II.

  • Assemble your army: select the units that will be included in your deck during the game.
    There is a strong army building component in 2GM Tactics. Optimize your deck to lead you to victory.

  • Deploy on the battlefield: your units are represented by cards, infantry, artillery, armor, aviation, as well as special cards unique to each army.
    Deploy a General, with unique capabilities to lead your troops!

  • Play in either battles based on points or historical scenarios.
    The objective of the game varies depending on the type of battle you have chosen. In a battle based on points, the objective will be to destroy the enemy Headquarters; while, in a historical scenario, the objectives described in the Book of Campaigns must be fulfilled.

  • Manage your command points: they allow you to deploy your units on the battlefield. You can also equip them with extra equipment and capabilities, such as grenades, heavy weapons, medics or mechanics.
    Moreover, your deck will include events that you will be able to use in your favor or launch them against your opponent. Minefields, lucky shots, paratrooper landings and much more.

  • Master the battlefield: the position of your troops will help you generate command points in the next turn – don’t let them cut your supply lines!
    The terrain of the battlefield is represented by terrain cards, both natural (forests, mountains, lakes) and artificial (houses, bunkers, trenches) as scenery. No two battles will be the same.


  • Includes 330 cards, more than 100 markers and a new game board according to the Normandy terrain.
  • All the books have been redesigned in A4 format and the campaign book has been revised and adapted to these new components.
  • The campaign book, in addition to special scenarios, includes 4 complete campaigns for a total of 36 scenarios: Operation Overlord, Normandy Campaign, Operation Market-Garden and the Battle of the Bulge.

2GM has a powerful solitaire mode, which is described in a separate book, as well as a handy diptych as a summary.

This third edition is fully compatible with the rest of the material already published.