Great War Commander

VaeVictis 168 - Edition jeu

VaeVictis 168 - Edition jeu
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Price: 16.50 €

Publisher: Vae Victis

Reference: VV168J

Format: magazine

Period: 19th Century and beginning of 20th


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  • Sniper Elite
  • Downfall of the Third Reich
  • Vendée militaire
  • Struggle of Empires
  • Les Tontons
  • ASL paras Ste Mere
  • Second Front 
  • Baltic Approach
  • TS – Korn of Africa
  • China Sea


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  • Les jeux de rôle sur Rome
  • Stratégies Viet Nam 
  • Die Festung Hamburg
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  • Art de la Guerre : la cavalerie à travers les âges  3e partie
  • Saga : ce qui change
  • Scénario Sécession
  •  Jouer une campagne Guerre de trente ans  
  • Guerre en Irak avec Au contact
  • Mini-campagne Silver Bayonet
  • Hail Caesar 2nd edition
  • Mad for War


  • ASL
  • M44


  • Listes pour Soldiers of Napoleon, Renatio et Gloriam, Rapid Fire : Crete, the airborne Assault, Blood Bilge and Iron balls


  • La révolte des Cipayes

WARGAME : The Sepoy Mutiny

The Sepoy Mutiny (The Indian Rebellion) is a strategic game that uses the same mechanisms as The Belgian Campaign, 1815 (VV124) and The Eagles of the Danube (VV144).
On 10 May 1857, the massacre at the British garrison in Meerut by indigenous troops of the Bengal Presidency erupted and spread to the north of the Indian subcontinent. It took more than two years for the British to regain control in the revolting provinces. Once the rebellion was squashed in 1859, the British Crown was forced to launch a series of major reforms to modify its system of government in India, notably by dissolving the East India Company, to which power had been delegated up until then. 
The game allows you to experience at an operational level the first year of conflict during which the main military operations occurred.
Will you be able to free India from the yoke of the British? Will you be able to suppress the rebellion and take back control of Queen Victoria’s crown jewel?

  • One  unit = about 2000 men
  • Map : one connection = several dozen km
  • One turn = 2 months
  • Solo playability : 6/10
  • Difficulty : 5/10
  • Duration of a game : 1.5 to 2 hours