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Saigon 75 English Version

Saigon 75 English Version
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Publisher: Nuts Publishing

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Format: box

Period: Post 1945


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Saigon 75  is a 60-minute historical and asymmetric board game for 1 or 2 players. It offers you to relive the fratricidal struggle between North Việt Nam and South Việt Nam from summer 1973 to spring 1975. One part allows you to manage the different troops of South Vietnam (Marines, Paratroopers, Rangers, Airplanes, ...), to infiltrate with the Vietcong, to prevent or accelerate the desertion of the soldiers. At the head of one of these two powers, will you manage to take or keep Saigon?

General presentation of the game:
One player controls the "communist" forces in the North (the People's Army of Việt Nam and Việt Cộng), the other the "liberal" forces in the South (the Army of the Republic of Việt Nam).You will play on a board that represents a map of the southern part of Việt Nam. Cambodia, Laos and North Việt Nam are also materialised and are the territories usable exclusively by the Northern forces. If at the end of any game turn the North controls the province of Saigon, it wins the game. If the Northern forces do not control Saigon province by the end of the eighth turn, the Southern forces win the game.

All units have one movement point except for southern mechanised units which have two. Moving into an adjacent province costs one movement point.

Combat and Air Support:
Any unit of the active player that is in the same province as at least one enemy unit may engage in combat, it is the attacker.  Attacking is never mandatory. Each air support provides the southern player with a bonus air support battle die for the combat.

Retreat must be to an adjacent province controlled by his own side and containing more friendly units than enemy units. If this is not possible, the unit that cannot retreat is reduced in size (and can therefore be eliminated).

The Southern player counts the provinces controlled by the Northern player, rolls a die and consults the Desertion Table on the board to see how many SV units are deserting. Deserting units are removed from the board by the Southern player.

Province Control Markers:
A province occupied by units of the same side is controlled by that side.