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Strategy & Tactics Quarterly 21 - Byzantium

Strategy & Tactics Quarterly 21 - Byzantium
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Publisher: Decision Games

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Period: Middle-Ages


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Byzantium: The Byzantine Empire dominated the Eastern Mediterranean from the Fall of Rome in AD 476 to the final siege of Constantinople 1453. This new STQ covers a millennium of conflict, controversy and civilization. It includes analyses of strategies and tactics, histories of wars big and small, and profiles of personalities such as the great general Belisarius. There's a parade of emperors from Justinian who brought the Empire to its highpoint to Constantine XI and his heroic last stand at Constantinople. The impact of the conflict between Christianity, Islam and the Crusaders is also included, as well as the rise of new states such as the Kievan Rus. There are numerous lessons for war and peace in the 21st century, as well as reviews of media and games covering the Empire. Plus numerous maps, diagrams and a poster showing a thousand years of Empire. Author is Joseph Miranda, the designer of several wargames modeling the Byzantine Empire.