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C3i magazine 36 Desert Victory

C3i magazine 36 Desert Victory
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Publisher: RBM Studio

Reference: RBM-C3i36

Format: magazine

Period: World War II


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C3i Nr 36 features Trevor Bender's "Desert Victory: North Africa, 1940-1942" the next chapter in the C3i Combined Arms Series that first debuted with Nr 34's Kursk (Winner of the Charles S. Roberts Award for Best Magazine Wargame 2021).

This includes a 22"x34" map with 80 counters and two Player Aids

Articles on board games Pacific War, Twilight Struggle: Red Sea, Blind Swords, Baetis Campaign, and more!

Inserts for SPQR Variant (Skirmishers, Velites and Light Troops Revisited)