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Nagashino - Shizugatake

Nagashino - Shizugatake
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Publisher: Serious Historical Games

Reference: SHG-NS

Format: box

Period: Renaissance & Sengoku-Jidai


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In the 16th century Japan went through one of the most unsettled periods in its history, the Sengoku Jidai, the «age of the warring provinces» or rather of the «Warrior States”.

Nagashino, June 28th, 1575.

Nobunaga leds the alliance with the Tokugawa and mets the Takeda on the morning of June 28 in the Nagashino valley. Attacking frontally over unfavourable ground and under the fire of arquebusiers who poured out a hail of lead from fortified positions, the superb Takeda cavalry was cut to pieces after a bloody battle.

Shizugatale, June 11th, 1583.

The reckless Morimasa embroiled himself in the siege of Shizugatake, a fortified hill where he was taken by surprise by Hideyoshi’s forces. He was a master in the art of forced marches, and his cavalry rode at full speed by torchlight. The battle opened before the first light of dawn, and quickly turned in the attacker’s favour as they overthrew the enemy, driving him back towards the North.

Game scale

  • Grand tactical
  • 300 m center to center area 45 minutes per game turn 500 to 1000 men per counter.


  • Number of players : 2
  • Difficulty (scale from 1 to 5) : 3
  • Duration of the game : 120 to 240 minutes

The game includes:

  • Two 59 x 41.6 cm maps (one sheet back printed)
  • 216 pre-cut cardboard counters 18 x 18 mm
  • 1 cardboard player aid
  • A book of rules and scenarios

Rules and player aid both in French and English