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Stalingrad '42 Expansion Little Saturn/Winter Storm

Stalingrad '42 Expansion Little Saturn/Winter Storm
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Price: 20.00 €

Publisher: GMT Games

Reference: GMT2208

Format: ziplock

Period: World War II


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Little Saturn/Winter Storm adds a 5th scenario to Stalingrad '42 covering the period from December 14th through February 5th, 1943. The scenario starts with the Soviets launching a major attack against the Italians along the Don River while Manstein's Operation Winter Storm to relieve Stalingrad is in progress.

The scenario uses all three maps (not included).

Each turn represents 4 days.

More than 50 new units included.


  • One-half counter sheet
  • 2 Setup Cards
  • 2 (identical) Player Aid Cards
  • a 4-page 11" x 17" flyer of the scenario rules.
  • The Stalingrad '42 rule-booklet with the latest Living Rules changes.