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World at War 11: Afrika Korps

World at War 11: Afrika Korps

Price: 29.90 €


Publisher: Decision Games

Reference: DG-WAW11

Format: ziplock

Period: World War II



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Afrika Korps: Decision in the Desert, 1941-41, simulates the campaigns in the Western Desert in which Italo-German forces under the command of Erwin Rommel took on the forces of the British Empire.

The game map shows the Egyptian/Libyan coastal area as it was in 1941-42. Each game turn represents one month. Each hexagon on the map represents 12.5 miles (20 km). There are two scenarios, short (May-November 1941) and long (May 1941 to November 1942). Afrika Korps is a two-player game of intermediate complexity. The rules contain about 15,000 words, meaning experienced players can finish the short scenario in about four hours. Solitaire play is doable.

Rules cover such things as: high command bulletins, unit refits, supply, fog of war, pursuit and pursuit combat, fortified boxes, airpower, naval bombardment and transport, unit upgrades, off-map bases, major operations, special forces and tactics, coastal shipping, battlefield salvage, appeals to Berlin, capture of the Western Desert Force headquarters, amphibious landings, the Qattara Depression, port interdiction, anti-aircraft fire, air transport, aerial supply, airborne assault, oases, reconnaissance, heavy armor, 88s, and Malta. The turn sequence is as follows.

I. Planning Phase

II. Reinforcement & Refit Phase

III. Operations Phases

A. First Operations Phase

1 Movement Sub-Phase

2. Combat Sub-Phase

B. Second Operations Phase

C., D., Etc. Subsequent Operations Phases

IV. Air Return Phase.

V. Game Turn Inter-Phase

A. Sudden Death Victory Sub-Phase

B. Game Turn Advance Sub-Phase