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VaeVictis 161 avec jeu

VaeVictis 161 avec jeu
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Publisher: Vae Victis

Reference: VV161J

Format: magazine

Period: Napoléonic Wars


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  • Card games, all the news
  • The strategic library
  • Rules for games with miniatures
  • The magazine review
  • Clubs and miniatures parade


  • Across the Bug River (VUCA Simulations)
  • Canvas Falcon (auto-édition)
  • Sacred Oil (Thin Red Line Games)
  • Crusader Kingdoms (Worthington Games)
  • Medium Aevum (Les XII Singes)
  • The Mission (White Dog Games)
  • Santander 1937 (SNAFU Design)
  • L’Art de la Guerre V4 (Onyx)
  • Pony Wars (Baccus)


  • Story games: random games?
  • A DBA campaign on the day
  • Represent the Napoleonic infantry on a one-to-one basis


  • Pugnate ! gladiators Rules


  • Medium Aevum - This is not small beer
  • Guiscard Campaign 2 : on the lands of the Mirdassides
  • Italy 1945 for ASL
  • France 1944 for M44
  • Campaign for Mali, Operation Serval


  • The infantry of the Old Guard in combat

Wargame with die-cut counters : "La garde avance!", waterloo 1815 the last square

‘La Garde avance!’ is an original module for the Jours de Gloire series, set at battalion scale.

It covers the last attack of the French army during the Battle of Waterloo. Napoleon’s last reserve, six battalions of the Middle Guard and five battalions of the Old Guard, set off in square formation to assault Wellington’s thin red line that was still holding its positions, while Blücher’s forces were becoming an ever greater threat on the French army’s right flank.

The scale is 100 m per hexagon and one Strength Point corresponds to about 200 infantry, 150 cavalry or 2 guns. The historical scenario has 5 turns, each covering twenty minutes of real time. A game of La Garde avance! should last around 1 hour.

Scale :

Game turn : 20 mn

1 SP : about 200 infantry, 150 cavalry or 2 guns.

1 hex = 100 m

Game duration : around 1 hour