Great War Commander

Great War Commander Battle Pack Nr1

Designers: Pascal Toupy

Artists: Marc von Martial and Ken Smith

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Also available in French Version
English rules 1.1

Great War Commander Battle Pack Nr1 is the first of what will be many themed scenario packs for use with the Great War Commander series of games. This first Battle Pack is focused on the western front with actions opposing the German forces to the US, British, French and even Portuguese troops.

BEF Map 14

This Battle Pack features 12 new scenarios - one of which is an amphibious assault - as well as a thrilling Verdun campaign. It also includes 2 stunning new maps and 113 new counters with new units (French Foreign Legion), new tanks (Mark I), and new weapons (37mm infantry gun).

Please Note: Great War Commander Battle Pack Nr1 is NOT a stand-alone game. You will need to own both Great War Commander and Great War Commander : British Expeditionary Force in order to play every scenario.


  • 1 back-printed 17˝ x 24˝ game map (two maps total)
  • 64 large (⅝˝) counters
  • 9 double large counters
  • 40 small (½˝) counters
  • 7 back printed scenario sheets