The Fate of Reiters

Upgrade kit for Guiscard 2 (English)

Upgrade kit for Guiscard 2 (English)
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Publisher: Historic One

Reference: HO-GuiscardKIT-GB

Format: ziplock

Period: Middle-Ages


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This kit is intended for owners of the first version of GUISCARD and who would like to have the new components introduced with GUISCARD 2.

The kit consists of:

5 A4 counter sheets printed on thick cardboard (similar to those of AGER SANGUINIS and MONTGISARD).

Map of The Chapel

The 2 campaign maps (Sicily and Puglia).

The widely revised rulebook, with many clarifications. It is the most complete version to date of the games in the Norman Saga series.

The booklet with the history and the scenarios: 14 tactical scenarios including 4 entirely new and featuring the Varangian Guard of the Byzantine emperors, as well as 4 campaign scenarios.

The 3 double-sided play sheets.