Great War Commander

French & Indian War Expansion For HtL

French & Indian War Expansion For HtL

Price: 16.00 €

Publisher: Worthington Publishing

Reference: WTH-FAR

Format: ziplock

Period: XVII & XVIII century



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As a prelude to the American Revolutionary War, the French and Indian War shaped many of the future leaders and laid the seeds for that conflict. The French and Indian War expansion for the Hold the Line contains the following:

8 page color rule/scenario book

French army counters

Indian Warrior counters

British Roger's Rangers type counters

New hex tiles for Indian villages, open water, boats, forts and additional forest terrain tiles

The expansion has the followings 5 French and Indian War scenarios:

Battle on Snowshoes March 13, 1758: Rogers Rangers are ambushed by combined French and Indian forces. Greatly outnumbered, the Rangers must survive until night to make their escape.

Louisbourg June 8 1758: Against waiting French forces, British General Wolfe leads an amphibious landing of British light infantry and rangers to establish a beach head on Isle Royale.

Montmorecy Falls July 31, 1759: Combined British land and amphibious attack against the entrenched French army around Montmorency Falls in an effort to break the stalemate during the Quebec campaign.

Ste-Foy April 28, 1760: The French army attempt to recapture Quebec from the weakened British army in one of the hardest fought conventional battles of the French and Indian War.

Bloody Bridge July 31, 1763: British relief forces attack Pontiac's Indian village along the Detroit river in an attempt to lift the siege of Fort Detroit during Pontiac's war.