Great War Commander
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VaeVictis 156 avec jeu

VaeVictis 156 avec jeu
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Price: 15.95 €

Publisher: Vae Victis

Reference: VV156J

Format: magazine

Period: XVII & XVIII century


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Warburg 1760

Wargame: Warburg 1760

July?1760. The Coalition army commanded by Ferdinand of Brunswick falls back in the face of the French army, commanded by Broglie. To cut off the retreat of the Coalition, the Chevalier du?Muy is sent north across the Diemel toward Warburg. Meanwhile, the German troops cross farther east at Liebenau. Du?Muy deploys his army alongside the Diemel with its back to the river. Thanks to a turning movement masked by light troops of the British Legion and the mist of the morning, the troops commanded by the Hereditary Prince and Spörcken position themselves on the French left flank. At 13.00 this 31 July, the British and Hanoverian grenadiers appear at the rear of the French line, the Bourbonnais brigade counter-attacks, marking the beginning of a ferocious battle…

Warburg 1760 uses a simplified version of the rules of Corbach 1760 featured in VaeVictis 142.

One strength point =?150-200 men for the cavalry, 200-250 for the infantry

One hexagon =?250?m

One turn =?30?minutes

Difficulty =?5/10

Possibility for solo play =?6/10