The Fate of Reiters

ASL Supplemental Map Bundle

ASL Supplemental Map Bundle
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Publisher: MMP

Reference: MMP-ASLMapSup

Format: box

Period: World War II


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The Supplemental Map Bundle contains 40 geomorphic ASL map boards, including every map board released after board 52 as well as map board 77 (which has not yet been released but is slated for ASL Journal 13). This is every map board released since the original Map Bundle, which contained boards 1-52 and t-z

The Supplemental Map Bundle includes one copy of the following map boards: 53-77 (25 map boards) 10z/17z (2 map boards) p/q/r/s (4 Starter Kit map boards) 1a/b-9a/b (9 back printed map boards) In addition to map board 77, these include all the map boards from Action Packs 4-12, the eight Winter Offensive Bonus Packs, Special Ops # 5, and ASL Starter Kit products Beyond the Beaches and ASLSK Expansion Pack #1.

This is a great opportunity to fill in gaps in your map collection, or to acquire a second copy of a map you may already have without buying the source product. When combined with the original Map Bundle (link), the Supplemental Map Bundle completes the set and gives you a copy of every ASL map board produced by MMP.