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La Belle Epoque

La Belle Epoque
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Price: 69.00 €

Publisher: Aleph Game Studio

Reference: ALP-BelleEpoque

Format: box

Period: 19th Century and beginning of 20th


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In 1880 a period of apparent peace has just begun in Europe which will end with the outbreak of World War I.

Great Britain, Central Empires, France and Russia now challenge each other for the domination of the last colonies. The Powers no longer fought on the battlefields, but they fight now in diplomatic salons.

Colonial expansion, international prestige, armament development and alliances with other minor nations will be the tools for their success. This is La Belle Époque!

In the box you find :

– 1 rulebook

– 1 mounted map board

– 4 Power Cards

– 4 player aids

– 2 Card Manifests

– 69 cards

– 1 stickers sheet

– 213 wooden cubes

– 1 set of banknotes

– 1 6-sided die