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Napoleon at Bay Expansion Kit

Napoleon at Bay Expansion Kit
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Price: 33.00 €


Publisher: OSG

Reference: OSG-NapBAyKit

Format: ziplock

Period: Napoléonic Wars


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Includes: 2 rule books, 1 counter sheet (280), many player aid cards, Charts & Tables Folder. Requires Organization Displays and maps from any edition of the game. We have much better OrBat information to fine-tune the scenarios. Our counter mix shows 82 French, 124 Coalition, and 74 Markers. In addition to creating a new slimmed-down set of rules for NAB, we will have a 4-page folder with optional rules on how to interface between NAB and TLNB scale games. The new counter sheet will have the same color scheme as the TLNB counters. This will make it easier to morph your NAB army onto the TLNB map and mix.