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ASL Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 11 (2020)

ASL Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 11 (2020)
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Price: 25.00 €


Publisher: MMP

Reference: MMP-ASLWO2020

Format: ziplock

Period: World War II


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ASL Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #11 (2020) features three new scenario designs and one new map (13a/b).

MMP has an ulterior motive, however, for the manufacture and sale of this particular product. Proceeds from the sales of each WO Bonus Pack #11 are donated to the WWII Foundation. You get a new map, three more ASL scenarios, and help a great project dedicated to memorializing the efforts of the men who fought in WWII get a very nice donation. This really seems like a win/win in our opinion.

ASL Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #11 (2020) contains:

1 ASL mapboard (13a/b)

3 new ASL scenarios (WO33-WO35)


WO33 One-eyed Jacques - 5 turns, board 13a, 24 May 1940, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France

WO34 Feast Day - 6 turns, board 13a, 21 December 1943, Ortona, Italy

WO35 Heroes' Day - 10 turns, boards 8b & 13a, 10 November 1945, Surabaya, Indonesia