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Rogue State

Rogue State
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Publisher: Tiny Battle Publishing

Reference: TBP-Rogue

Format: ziplock

Period: Post 1945


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“Everything is decided by a person’s thoughts and if he is ideologically motivated, there is nothing he cannot do.” - Kim Il-Sung

Rogue State is a solitaire geopolitical conflict simulation where the player assumes the role of the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) immediately after the end of the Korean War. Your primary objective will be for your regime to survive from 1953 through the year 2030. Your secondary objective will be to maximize adherence to the Juche ideology by progressively achieving national self-reliance and global influence. Juche points are earned by advancing your nation’s military strength, industrial production, nuclear weapons development, and assertively responding to events while minimizing lingering foreign debt. Victory over your imperialist oppressors will require you to carefully manage scarce resources, strategically evaluate risk, and develop a keen awareness of the interaction between the world situation and your decisions. Each turn represents approximately seven years on the timeline of the DPRK.

As Supreme Leader of North Korea, you will be responsible for:

Managing the state budget to strategically emphasize critical initiatives

Building heavy production capacity to fuel your nation's economy

Investing in infrastructure, agriculture, and your military

Maintaining diplomatic relations with your national allies

Intimidating and purging members of your Cabinet to motivate performance and discourage sedition

Managing risks associated with world events and critical threats such as revolutions, coups, and foreign military action

Negotiating for foreign technology to build your nuclear weapons program

Threatening and extorting your imperialist enemies with threats of nuclear force

And (if necessary) ordering a preemptive nuclear strike on the West and its puppet allies.

Do you have what it takes to lead your nation to power and prosperity?

Rogue State includes:

* One 22x17-inch DPRK government ‘map’

* 14 Technology/Event chits

* 20 Tracking counters

* 35 Resource chits

* 36 Event Cards

* One Full-Color Rulebook

* One 1-page Turn Summary aid

* A Twelve-sided die

* One State-supplied Ziploc Bag to isolate your components

* You'll need to supply several six-sided dice

Game Design: Mike Mollineaux

Game Art: Jose Ramon Faura

Players: One

Duration: 30-120 Minutes

Complexity: Low

Solitaire Suitability: Extremely High