Great War Commander

They fell like Stones (boxed)

They fell like Stones (boxed)
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Price: 66.00 €

Publisher: White Dog Games

Reference: WDG-Insandlwana

Format: box

Period: 19th Century and beginning of 20th


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THEY FELL LIKE STONES: Isandlwana is a solitaire tactical simulation of the January 22, 1879 battle. You control the British Imperial forces and solitaire rules govern the Zulu side. As the Imperial commander, you must array your forces as best you can to meet the Zulu attack. Several scenarios are available including the full use of Glyn's Detachment, which historically was sent off on a wild-goose chase, dividing the Imperial forces.


1 Eight-Page Rule Book

1 32" x 24" Hexagonal Map of the Battlefield

176 Historical Scenario Counters and Markers

86 Glyn's Detachment Counters

1 Double-Side Player Reference Card

1 Set-Up Sheet



- British and Zulu Fire and Melee Combat

- Last Stand Scenario

- Glyn's Force Stays in Camp Scenario

- Artillery uMoya Effect

- Historical Zulu Regiments

- Zulu Army Horns and Chest

- Zulu Regimental Cohesion

- British Imperial Infantry Units

- British Auxiliary Troops

- Leader Counters, including Pulleine,

Durnford, and Glyn