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Dark Ages II Britannia and France

Dark Ages II Britannia and France
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Price: 49.90 €


Publisher: WBS Games

Reference: WBS-Dark2

Format: box

Period: Middle-Ages


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Dark Ages Britannia and France reimplements Dark Ages Britannia and expands it with 6 new battles focused on the French army.

Game mechanics have been improved and revised for more intuitive gaming. Game maps have been completely redesigned with impressive artwork to match the new game tiles.

Units don't use blocks anymore, but fancy banners partnered by some wooden cubes to simulate troops. This gives the game a more modern look and a strong visual impact, allowing bigger battles in comparison with the previous version of the base game.

This base + expansion box includes the following scenarios:


Fulford, Stamford Bridge, Hastings, Stirling Bridge, Falkirk, Bannockburn (day 1 and 2).


Bouvines, Courtrai, Mons-en-Pevele, Crecy, Agincourt, Verneuil