The Fate of Reiters

SPQR Deluxe Edition

SPQR Deluxe Edition
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Publisher: GMT Games

Reference: GMT9201-18

Format: box

Period: Antiquity


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We’ve listened to you guys who’ve asked us to consider offering many of the battles from the out of print SPQR modules along with the SPQR reprint. We're offering them all together in one big Deluxe SPQR package.

SPQR Deluxe Edition

14 Battles!

5 doublesided maps

6 counter sheets

Rules for SPQR and Modules

Battles (and the modules they appeared in originally):

•Beneventum, Bagradas, Cannae, Zama, and Cynocephalae (SPQR)

•Baecula, Ilipa (Africanus)

•Trebbia, Metaurus (Consul for Rome)

•Magnesia (War Elephant)

•Heraclea, Asculum (Pyrrhic Victory)

•Muthul River, Cirta (Jugurtha)

•NEW 6/18/18 All battles from the Barbarian! module