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Across the Narva

Across the Narva
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Publisher: Revolution games

Reference: REV-Narva

Format: ziplock

Period: World War II


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Across The Narva is a previously produced game by 3 Crown Enterprises Army Group Narwa. Across the Narva uses a similar game system as Konigsberg.

Across The Narva simulates the continuation of the Leningrad–Novgorod Offensive of January 1944, the Soviet Estonian operation pushed the front westward to the Narva River, aiming to thrust deep into Estonia. Stalin's main strategic goal was a quick recovery of

Estonia as a base for air and seaborne attacks against Finland and an invasion of East Prussia.

The German answer was a stout defence for the possession of the strategically important Narva Isthmus. Across The Narva is a board game depicting this event in time.….

The Soviet units established a number of bridgeheads on the opposite bank of the river in February. Subsequent attempts failed to expand their toehold. German counter attacks annihilated the bridgeheads to the north of Narva and reduced the bridgehead south of the town, stabilizing the front until July 1944.

Across The Narva covers the first three months of the Narva Bridgehead campaign where each turn represents one week. ?Across The Narva The game utilizes a chit-pull system telling you which armies to move.

Designed by Stefan Ekstrom

Game components:

- 22 x 34 inch- map

- 300 die-cut counters

- Game rules

- Ziploc Bag