The Fate of Reiters
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2GM Tactics: German Reinforcements Expansion

2GM Tactics: German Reinforcements Expansion
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Price: 15.00 €


Publisher: Draco Ideas

Reference: DRA-2GMGE

Format: box

Period: World War II


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German Reinforcements is an expansion to the base game in which we add new Unit and Support cards to Germany. Also new Terrain cards, such as Factories or Debris.

This expansion consists of 76 new cards, 42 units of 18 different types and 28 additional Support cards. In addition, we include 4 new Terrain cards, 1 summary card and two new General cards: Von Bock and Von Leeb.

1x Headquarters

1x General Von Bock

1x General Von Leeb

3x Motorized Infantry (Infantry)

4x FK 16 NA (Artillery)

3x Puma (Tank)

3x Panzer I (Tank)

4x Panzer III (Tank)

4x Stug III (Tank)

4x Panther (Tank)

3x Elephant (Tank)

2x Ostwind (Tank)

3x Brummbar (Tank)

3x SD KFZ 11 (Truck)

2x JU87 Stuka (Airplane)

2x BF 109 (Airplane)

2x HE 177 Greif (Airplane)