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Breakthrough: Cambrai

Breakthrough: Cambrai

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Publisher: MMP

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Format: box

Period: First World War


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On November 20, 1917, 324 British tanks, followed by 8 infantry divisions, advanced on a front of 10,000 yards against the German lines near Cambrai in Flanders. In many places, the attackers suffered almost no casualties and breached the German lines. Will it be possible, this time, to break through to the “green fields beyond”?

Breakthrough: Cambrai is two player game simulating the British assault to breach the “Hindenburg Line” between November 20 and December 3, 1917. One player controls the British forces, the other the German forces. The object of the game is to control a certain number of areas on the map or, for the British, to exit units off the map into certain perimeter zones.

Breakthrough: Cambrai is an area-movement game which uses impulse mechanics (where players alternate "mini-turns") similar to popular games like Breakout:Normandy and Monty's Gamble, Market Garden. The impulse nature of the game means little or no down time for each player while waiting for the other to complete a move or attack.

Breakthrough: Cambrai contains:

1 22” x 34” map (check it out!)

1 16-page rulebook

1 16 page scenario/play booklet

2 Sheets of 5/8” counters (check out some samples!)

4 Setup and Reinforcement Cards

2 player aid cards

4 dice

Breakthrough: Cambrai is a Michael Rinella design, developed by Uli Blennemann, and using the artwork of Niko Eskubi.