The Fate of Reiters

Ship of the Line

Ship of the Line

Price: 18.00 €


Publisher: GMT Games

Reference: GMT0902

Format: ziplock

Period: Napoléonic Wars



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Ship of the Line is the first expansion to Flying Colors. It primarily (although not exclusively) covers major fleet actions during the period of the American Revolution. The expansion includes sixteen total scenarios and adds over 100 new, individually named and rated ships as well as over 30 new commanders. Scenarios include:

1. Quiberon Bay, 20 November 1759

2. 1st Ushant, 27 July 1778

3. Rhode Island, 11 August 1778 (hypothetical)

4. Saint Lucia, 15 December 1778

5. Grenada, 6 July 1779

6. The Moonlight Battle, 16 January 1780

7. Porto Praya Bay, 16 April 1781

8. Fort Royal, 29 April 1781

9. Doggersbank, 5 August 1781

10. Sadras, 17 February 1782

11. The Saintes I, 9 April 1782

12. The Saintes II, 12 April 1782

13. Providien, 12 April 1782

14. Negapatam, 6 July 1782

15. Trincomalee, 3 September 1782

16. Cuddalore, 20 June 1783

In addition to these sixteen scenarios, Age of Sail aficionados can recreate the struggle between Admirals Suffren and Hughes with newly introduced campaign rules. Players must maintain their vessels through five historical confrontations, and may or may not receive reinforcements to continue their fight for control of the Indian Ocean.

Also included in Ship of the Line are a new "Map D" (which mates with maps from Flying Colors), two updated player aid cards, the most recent set of rules incorporating changes and corrections, and plenty of additional status markers.