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Folio No. 12: Huzzah! Honey Springs

Folio No. 12: Huzzah! Honey Springs
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Publisher: One Small Step

Reference: OSS-Folio12-HoneySprings

Format: ziplock

Period: 19th Century


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Huzzah! simulates American Civil War combat at the grand-tactical level. The system features encounters little known yet strategically significant. These are fights that, had they concluded differently, might well have transformed a campaign, a reputation, or both. So, although the battles in Huzzah! were little more than scrimmages compared to, say, Gettysburg or Stones River, they were not insignificant, bearing weight well beyond what mere numbers suggest.

The Battle of Honey Springs, July 17, 1863, was an important victory for Union forces in their efforts to gain control of the Indian Territory. The largest confrontation between Union and Confederate forces in the area that would eventually become Oklahoma, the engagement was unique in that African and Native Americans made up significant portions of each of the opposing armies.


1 x 17x22 Map/Playing Surface

1 x Sheet of Die-Cut, Mounted, Full-Color Playing Pieces

1 x Book of Game Specific Rules

1 x Book of Rules

1 x Player Aid Card

Solitaire Suitability: 7 out of 10

Complexity: 7 out of 10