The Fate of Reiters
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Pocotaligo 1862 & 1864

Pocotaligo 1862 & 1864
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Publisher: GMT Games

Reference: GMT-Pocotaligo

Format: ziplock

Period: American Civil War



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(Notes from the Publisher: Western Carolina Historical Research):

This game presents battles from the War Between The States, located near Hilton Head Island and Beaufort, South Carolina.

The game includes comprehensive rules and counters for Federal Naval Vessels, Confederate Trains, Federal Engineers, Leaders, Ammunition Depletion, Damaged and Destroyed Bridges, and Captured Cannon.

The Basic Game is a fast playing simulation of advancing along the narrow roads and through the thick coastal forests and swamps of southwestern South Carolina. The Confederate player must choose the right times to fall back, or risk being overwhelmed by the Yankee aggressor.

The Advanced Rules include Skirmishers, Hidden Movement, Breastworks and Fortifications, Tides and Naval Grounding, and Alternative Federal Landing Sites. Individual cannon types are represented in both field and naval artillery units. Ammunition usage is an important aspect of command decisions. This is a very well-researched wargame.

The Sequence of Play is a variation of the Original GBOCW System, with Fire Combat, including any Defensive and Return Fire, taking place before Charge Combat.

This game is an excellent simulation, and an enjoyable game as well, and was the best gaming effort by the leading historian of these particular engagements.


One color 22' x 34" game map (unmounted)

280 1/2" playing pieces

a 24 page Advanced Game Rules booklet

a 24 page Basic Game Rules booklet

a 20 page Historical Background booklet

Hard Stock Sequence of Play, Fire Combat, and Charge Combat Summary Sheets

Ammunition Charts

Other Player Aid Cards

Five Basic Game scenarios

Nine Advanced Game scenarios

Game Scale: 350 yards per 5/8" hexagon

Game Length: 30 minutes per Turn

Basic rules were added for younger players.

Game Designer: Robert B. McNair