The Fate of Reiters

Here I Stand 500th Anniversary Upgrade Kit

Here I Stand 500th Anniversary Upgrade Kit
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Price: 32.00 €


Publisher: GMT Games

Reference: GMT0512-17UG

Format: ziplock

Period: Renaissance & Sengoku-Jidai


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Enhancements include:

6 brand new cards added to the deck, including Thomas More, Thomas Cromwell, Rough Wooing, and Imperial Coronation.

Revisions to over 15 existing cards including Copernicus, Master of Italy, and Machiavelli to allow for more exciting in-game play and additional possibilities for diplomatic deals.

A new Chateau construction table is now used to resolve France's Patron of the Arts home card plays.

Several Virgin Queen rule updates are incorporated back into Here I Stand, affecting minor power activation, piracy, space trading, and foreign wars.

This update kit is designed for owners of the 1st or 2nd printings of Here I Stand who don't want an entire new game, but would like to only update their game with the new components. This upgrade kit includes:

new card decks

a card of updated charts,

six new power cards,

a half sheet of new counters

the new rules and scenario books.

We hope you enjoy this cool new edition of Here I Stand via either the full new boxed game or the upgrade kit!