The Fate of Reiters

Against the Odds 20: A Fatal Attraction

Against the Odds 20: A Fatal Attraction
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Publisher: Against the Odds

Reference: ATO20

Format: box

Period: First World War



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In the beginning, it was Churchill's idea... a way of putting the old "pre-dreadnaughts" to useful service and making a show of strength in the waters off Istanbul which would, he said, cause immediate regime-change and take Turkey out of the war. It was thought very little infantry would be needed.

In the end, when the last Allied troops evacuated, the casualty count for both sides topped half-a-million. (And Churchill lost his job.)

And yet, the big naval attack had almost succeeded. The Allies would not know until after the war ended how close they had come to achieving their breakthrough on the Dardanelles. It was the first of many "what might have been" episodes, where success was just one more push, one more aggressive movement contrast to many times when failure was reinforced and repeated.

A Fatal Attraction brings this campaign of tragedy and opportunity to life. The counters represent brigades, batteries, and ships, and players have the chance to do better than their historical counterparts, while gaining a greater appreciation for the difficulties faced by both sides, including supply shortages, command/control difficulties, and random events.

With A Fatal Attraction, you'll find everything you need to understand Gallipoli except the smell and the flies.

A Fatal Attraction and issue #20 of ATO

Map - One full color 22"x34" mapsheet

Counters - 280 full color 1/2" die-cut pieces

Rules length - 11 pages

Charts and tables - 4 pages

Complexity - Medium

Solitaire suitability - Low

Playing time - Up to 6 hours

Design - Paul Rohrbaugh

Development - Rawling & Tohver

Graphic Design - Craig Grando