The Fate of Reiters

French and Indian War Expansion Game

French and Indian War Expansion Game
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Price: 45.00 €


Publisher: Worthington Publishing

Reference: WTH-FIW

Format: box

Period: XVII & XVIII century



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You must own Hold the Line The American Revolution to play the expansion set.

The French and Indian War expansion has 12 Scenarios from the French and Indian War plus plastic French soldiers in White. It also has unique custom plastic game pieces for Rangers and Indians. Additionally, new tiles are included in the expansion game.

French and Indian War Scenarios with the expansion set are: Battle on Snowshoes, Louisbourg, Montmorency Falls, Quebec, St. Foy, Bloody Bridge, Fort Duqesne, Lake George, Ticonderoga, and Busy Run. Also added are Augusta and Oriskany for the American Revolution that use the Indians.