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Doomed Battalions ASL Module 11

Doomed Battalions ASL Module 11

Price: 52.00 €

Publisher: MMP

Reference: MMPDB

Format: box

Period: World War II



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Doomed Battalions (reprint)

September 8, 1939... Barely a week into the invasion of Poland, German troops of the 4th Panzer Division were at the gates of Warsaw despite having lost a quarter of their armor. The Polish citizenry was urged to dig anti-tank ditches and fortify buildings, and artillery pieces were hastily aimed down the long avenues of the Ochota district. The war's first vital urban battle was about to commence...

Doomed Battalions is the Allied Minor extension to the Advanced Squad Leader game system. This reprint will contain both Doomed Battalions and The Last Hurrah so the entire Allied Minor OB - infantry, support weapons, guns, and vehicles - are available in one module.

Doomed Battalions will contain:

* Five 8"x22" geomorphic mapboards (9,11,33,44, and 45)

* Four countersheets

* at least 16 scenarios (43-50; 83-90; maybe MORE!)

* Chapter H notes for the Allied Minors

* 3 sheets of Terrain Overlays

Doomed Battalions is not a complete game, Beyond Valor, The ASL Rulebook, and several other ASL boards are required for play (these will be listed shortly).